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          14string gas automatic barbecue oven

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 09

          Product introduction: this machine belongs no smoke no flame gas types barbecue oven,stainless steel body,durable easy clean, adopt No open flame, cellular network,no smell, difficult burnt, suitable use for dining room/barbecue restaurant and so on.is Each big business entrepreneurship good helper.

          Product parameters

          BrandSOURCE OF FOOD

          Name14gas automatic

          barbecue grill

          material304 stainless steel




          Suit:dining room/barbecue restaurant and so on.


          Environmental protection durable stainless steel

          1. Choose from high quality stainless steel material, mirror polishing and other advanced technology,

          2. Fashine elegant, sample and smooth. Having a sense of modermization.

          3. Salf and protect environment, strong and durable, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

          2.High quality stainless steel

          Use the food grade stainless steel design. Appearance more beautiful,wear well, easy clean, safe and resistant rust.

          3.Independent water sink.

          In the bottom of barbecue oven equipped with water sink, before barbecue infunde the pure water, When the oil dripping will be doused in the water, To suppress the lampblack

          Noted: forbid dry burn

          Before barbecue must infunde the pure water, pull-out the water sink from edgewise put water, To sink back into place,Please do not water from is direction.

          4. New Energy saving burner

          High efficiency and energy saving, uniform heating, save energy 30%-80% than common commercial use gas grill.  Environmental protection no pollution, burning smoke-free, more delicious and healthy.



          5. Professional design aluminum gas pipe.

          Aluminum gas pipe is very resistant high temperature, corrosion resistance is strong, mor safely, more reliable, Stronger steel joint connection.

          6.Operation simple and easy understand

          High Quality switch, durable button can control barbecue temperature at will.  


          Warm prompt:

          1. After used, please close fire switch and gas main switch.

          2. Avoid direct clean by water, Affect the service life of the machine.

          3. If you discover gas out of the fire,With steel needle stab the jet nozzle, check whether the plug

          4. The bottom of the furnace is equipped with oil tank, need infunde water before use.

          5. t is forbidden to clean directly with water or other liquid fire, to avoid damage


          With more and more

          Food source of one-stop barbecue equipment hotline:


          +0086 18236761123



          More material for desktop to choose



          Group photo with customer

          Source of food

          What we can do?

          Provide private table and chair design for free,  guide for open a shop, barbecue technical ability training,Barbecue ingredients, one-stop service.

          Source of food support commercial cooperation, Recruit agent from country to country, Is your good choice for the development of entrepreneurship, Welcome your consultation!


          If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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