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        1. push-pull type of charcoal automatic turner BBQ grill

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 16



          Product parameters

          Brand: the source of food

          Trade name:  push-pull type automatically BBQ stove

          Voltage: 220V

          Material: stainless steel

          Size: L: 53.5cm W:25.5cm H:44cm

          Scope of application: restaurant/ barbecue restaurant

          The number of users: 2-3 people


          Product detail


          1. Push-pull flip to save labor:




          Push-pull type automatic barbecue machine adopts push-pull type innovation design, 180° automatic flip, do not need artificial operation, namely to put namely roast, save labor, convenient and quick.


          2.Lifting type charcoal basin:



          The charcoal basin adopts the design of adjustable and lifting design, which can adjust the height of the charcoal basin according to the different temperature of the food materials, then control the heating temperature and the equilibrium heat of the food. More convenient and practical.


          3.Food grade stainless steel:


          Adopt food grade stainless steel material, can bear the high temperature and heat resistance, strong bearing force, good insulation, effectively block the charcoal fire to the table to the heat.


          4.Clean and automatic smoke exhaust.


          Push-pull type automatic burning charcoal grill with functions of automatic exhaust, baking process of lampblack, away from below by automatic exhaust system, solve the traditional manual barbecue smoke, environmental pollution and other issues.


          With more and more match

          The 11 skewers charcoal push-pull grill can be inlaid in stainless steel table, marble table, wooden table. The tabletop has electromagnetism furnace, the table  can put with small hot pot, spicy hot, barbecue. 


          Mesa material: stainless steel wire drawing/stainless steel/black titanium brushed/solid wood/ golden/rose gold/marble


          What is the source of food?

          The source of food is a service provider of professional one-stop service whole solution theme dining-room , to provide one-stop solution for entrepreneurs in 2005: To provide one-stop service of the business guidance, storefront location, decorate a style to custom design, desk and chair design , store decoration, equipment installation and technical training etc.

          Consult the source of food→Preliminary communication design→The technician inspects the customer shop→planning scheme→Factory delivery→Construction installation→Store opened


          The following customer shop furnishings provide a one-stop service from the source of food 


          The source of food’ live shot

          If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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