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        1. Outdoor lithium electric charging automatic BBQ grill

          Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 17

           Product details

          Brand: outdoor lithium electric charging automatic   BBQ grill

          Size: L:73cm W: 20cm H:27cm

          Model: 13 skewers/14 skewers /17 skewers /28 skewers /30 skewers /40 skewers


          Transmission model:360°Chain drive

          Application: outdoor/home/commercial




          Detail show

          Every detail is we meticulously

          Stainless steel Turner

          Adopt domestic high quality stainless steel plate manufacturing, the surface smooth workmanship is good, quality is good.


          Charcoal basin border

          Effectively prevent the heat transfer from the barbecue to the inverter.


          Charcoal basin

          Iron charcoal basin, high temperature resistant and not easy to deform, it is convenient to install the carbon basin special hand to replace carbon, hot and stable property

          Note: 14 hole ventilation design, one side design with carbon residue outlet


          High temperature carbon network

          Durable and not deformed, the porous design makes the charcoal easier to combustion.


          Food grade 304 stainless steel support

          The food stand is attached to ensure that the temperature of the roasting string is not decreased while increasing the enjoyment of the barbecue.


          The charging interface

          It is convenient, only charge one time, can be used 10 times in a row. The charging interface is made of rubber pad and is safer to use.



          Installation steps

          1. Place the frame of the charcoal basin in the tilter and stabilize it.

          2. Place the heat-resistant carbon net into the charcoal basin;

          3. Place the charcoal basin inside the brazier;

          4. After the whole installation, insert the food support assembly to complete.



          With more and more match

           Manufacturers’ live shot


          The whole store output solution of personalize the theme roast restaurant

          Preliminary communication - reaching intention - seeking shop - investment plan - signing contract - trial operation - personnel training - equipment customization - marketing planning - shop decoration


          The customer had a group photo taken

          If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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